How to Sell Digital Products With WooCommerce

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How to Sell Digital Products With WooCommerce

If you're looking to sell digital products on your WordPress website, here are some tips that can help you get started. First of all, you'll need to learn the differences between physical and digital products. Essentially, a physical product is a physical or tangible good, while a digital product is often a file that a user can download. If the digital product is a serialized asset having a unique code or serial number associated with it, things can get more complicated, which is where Keysender can assist (more on that later). 

Why you should Consider WooCommerce for selling digital products?

WooCommerce is among the most popular ecommerce software on the market today, commanding 23% market share in what has been forecasted to become a $6.5 T global ecommerce market. The biggest advantage of using WooCommerce is its flexibility. With just a few clicks, you can create an online store that sells a wide range of products, and you don't have to rely on a third party to maintain your site. If you want to create a more custom-designed website, you can use a theme, or you can create one yourself. This means you can control the look, and feel of your store, as well as make it easier to manage.

Adding WooCommerce to your site is a great way to boost your sales. You can include deals during checkout, or add a related products section to your site. You can also use email marketing to increase your conversion rates. Link your WooCommerce site to an email plugin to send emails. Choose from Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp, or a similar solution.

In addition to being flexible, WooCommerce is very easy to use. It makes managing your stock simple. You can use an integrated stock management system that automatically manages your inventory. It provides extensions for logistics and tax billing automation. It also lets you upload your data from a variety of sources, making it a great choice for businesses that sell both digital and physical goods.

Why Sell Digital Products Using WooCommerce?

Digital products are easier to sell. There's no need for packaging, which reduces your costs. Plus, buyers can download digital products quickly without paying shipping costs. There's a lot of benefit for providing the near instant gratification of an instant digital download. This means you can maximize your profit margins. Moreover, digital products can generally be sold anywhere and everywhere (with a few restrictions such as region locking) so the opportunity to move inventory is much greater. This is an excellent way to increase your velocity, volume and profits.

How to create WooCommerce Downloadable Products?

When creating a digital product in WooCommerce, the process is similar to creating a physical product. Before you can start selling your digital products, you need to install WooCommerce on your website. After setting up the theme, you need to create the product categories for your digital products. Select the File as Virtual. There are a few ways to provide access to digital products and number of tools and plugins available to choose from to make the process more secure, automated and efficient.

Configure your Download Settings

Once you've created a product, you'll need to configure a few options. You can use the Products >> Add New > Virtual Product to create a product. The next step is to add your product data table. Make sure to leave all fields blank if your downloadable product is a file or a PDF. In addition, downloadable products don't require shipping and inventory. When you set up a downloadable product, you'll also have the option of assigning serial numbers. This can be cumbersome, so Keysender eCommerce can manage this through our integration with WooCommerce.

Set Expiration Date and Usage Limits

Once you've created a product, you'll need to set up its expiration date and usage limits. In addition, you can add product variations for digital products. Because they're downloadable or viewable, they can be purchased in multiple ways, so they're perfect for a variety of purposes. The benefits of selling digital products are many, and the process is easy and quick, but not devoid of risk.. Using Keysender, you can also customize your ecommerce policies to limit how much your customers can download, or you can restrict the number of downloads a single product can receive.

Once you've made your product and optimized it for the digital environment, you'll be ready to sell your digital product. While physical products may need an additional checkout page for capturing shipping details, digital products don't. A digital product is usually downloaded, whereas a physical one needs to have more details entered. Remember to add primary image, a descriptive description of its distinguishing features, and operating conditions.

In most cases, you can sell digital products worldwide. First, reach out to your global audience and educate them. Most successful digital product businesses become established leaders in their industry and can generate significant traffic to their blog and product pages. You can also create multiple tiers of a single product. A free version of your product will allow your customers to see the basic functionality. You can add more features to your digital products to give them a better experience. With serialized digital products, the options are a bit more limited. Often a seller will convert a buyer using a lower-end offering (e.g. 3 month subscription) before converting them to a more profitable product choice in time.

In addition to physical products, digital products have their own set of benefits. They're easier to test and sell than physical goods, and you can use them right away. You don't need to stock inventory and shipping, and you don't need to worry about balancing your operating costs and labor. This way, you'll have more money to spend on other aspects of your business. When a digital product is sold, you won't need to store it in a physical location, which makes it even more appealing to buyers. Newly moneyed buyers in younger demographics provide a huge potential customer community.

Selling digital products isn't as simple as selling physical goods. It's best to consider your target market first before choosing a platform. You can sell physical and digital goods on both. You can also sell wholesale digital products if you have access to a reliable supplier. You'll also want to decide which option is more convenient for you.

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