Selling your business’ gift cards online

Sell your gift cards to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Start selling in a few clicks.

Selling your business’ gift cards online

As businesses look for opportunities to drive sales and contain costs. People have increasingly been buying gift cards to gift to their friends, reminding them of the places they loved the most during pre-COVID days.

But not all small businesses are ready for gift card sales yet. Luckily, it doesn’t take much effort to start. Here’s everything you should know about selling gift cards at your small business.

  • They bring revenue today – when a gift card is purchased you receive funds that will be used at a later day. This gives you a little more flexibility in navigating the day-to-day challenges in the changing industry.
  • They will bring guests back – as we move to normalcy, guests will look to re-establish their relationships with the places they love and see the world in a new way. Gift cards are a gentle nudge, reminding them to visit once they’re comfortable to do so.
  • They create loyalty – there’s nothing better than sharing the love of a venue to another friend and finding the enjoyed the experience. By offering gift cards, enthusiasts of your brand can spread their love – bringing you new #1 fans.

While there is an upside to offering gift cards – there are a lot of risks between the online distribution of gift cards and coupons. Being anywhere from:

  • The cost of manual distribution and tracking of gift cards – who received them, if they were paid for, their value, and where they were sold
  • Fraud and the purchase of gift cards using fraudulently attained cards – when you’re suddenly hit with a chargeback from a fraudulently attained card, yet, have an excited guest who purchased it legally online, you’ll find yourself wondering what and if there’s a ‘right thing’ to do
  • Omni-channel distribution and managing the sales of your gift cards and if it came from eBay, your Shopify, your POS service, or an affiliate.

That’s where Keysender comes in – helping you do everything from manage inventory, automate product distribution, all while protecting yourself against card-not-present fraud. Even better – we allow you to meet your guests where they are, meaning whether your guest purchases on Amazon or eBay or your own website we’ll fulfill the order bringing them all into your vendor dashboard.

Beyond this – it’s all scalable. As digital product distributors ourselves, we pride ourselves in allowing vendors to distribute digital products for a per distribution transaction as opposed to a high sales percentage, profiting when you scale.

Whether you’re selling for your business or trying to make some money reselling coupons and gift cards, schedule a demo to get started distributing your vouchers today.

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