Keysender Joins ZeroOne eCommerce: Expanding Digital Product Distribution

Keysender joins ZeroOne eCommerce for enhanced, automated digital product distribution.

Keysender Joins ZeroOne eCommerce: Expanding Digital Product Distribution

ZeroOne eCommerce, a front-runner in order management for digital products, has officially welcomed Keysender, the industry-leading provider for automated digital goods distribution, into its corporate family. The acquisition, completed on the 6th of September, 2021, is set to strengthen both companies' shared mission.

Keysender: Expanding Global Digital Distribution

Operating from Poznan, Poland, Keysender has been a pivotal player in digital product distribution technology. With ZeroOne, the partnership is poised to handle hundreds of thousands of fulfillments per month. "Today is a significant milestone for Keysender's customers. Joining the ZeroOne team allows us to broaden our global reach and provide unprecedented assistance to our customers," comments Łukasz Wicenciak, the new Managing Director of Keysender at ZeroOne.

The Advantages of ZeroOne eCommerce's Order Management

ZeroOne eCommerce's order management platform equips digital goods sellers with the ability to scale their businesses through listing on multiple marketplaces and e-commerce systems. It offers comprehensive solutions for fulfillment, fraud protection, and analytics.

Embrace the Digital Products Boom

"Digital Products are the fastest-growing categories globally," says Chris Brunelli, CEO of ZeroOne eCommerce. The merger will expand ZeroOne's team, digital goods expertise, customer operations, and execution capabilities across eight time zones and five languages.

Keysender Customer Support and FAQs

For any inquiries or concerns, Keysender customers can reach out directly at

Your Concerns Addressed

  • Business as usual with more functionality planned.
  • The merge enhances functionality and speed in the growing digital product space.
  • Existing credits transfer to your Keysender account, managed by ZeroOne.
  • We aim for a better experience, adding features for excellent service and business expansion.
  • Pricing changes will be closely monitored based on new features and community feedback.
  • ZeroOne or Keysender? Schedule a meeting with us to ensure you have the best tool for your business.
  • For support, continue reaching out to the respective email addresses. A unified support system is in the works.

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