Keysender: A Top-Rated Digital Order Management Startup in Wisconsin

Keysender, top startup in WI for 2023, streamlines digital order management services.

Keysender: A Top-Rated Digital Order Management Startup in Wisconsin

Celebrating Keysender's Top Ranking

We're thrilled to announce Keysender's recognition as a top Wisconsin startup for 2023 by Best Startup US. Specializing in digital order management, we've supported our clients with vital services including fulfillment, automation, and fraud prevention. In the last year alone, we facilitated transfers of more than $20MM in digital products.

The Future of Digital Products with Keysender

Keysender is at the forefront of the digital product wave, supporting sellers with automated tasks, fraud risk screening, and instant digital distribution for serialized digital inventory. Our platform integrates seamlessly with eBay, Mercado Libre, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more.

Chris Brunelli, CEO of Keysender, shares, "Digital products are rising in popularity. We see a vast potential for new business, especially as most existing order management systems and ERPs weren't designed with a 100% digital supply chain in mind."

A Thank You Note and Celebrations

We express our gratitude to Best Startup US for this honor and extend our congratulations to all other featured companies. As Chris Brunelli puts it, "This recognition is an unexpected, but appreciated, vote of confidence."

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