Optimizing Your Business: A Guide to Selling Gift Cards Online

Maximize revenue and loyalty: Learn to sell your business’ gift cards online with Keysender.

Optimizing Your Business: A Guide to Selling Gift Cards Online

The Rising Trend of Online Gift Cards Sales

In today's digital age, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to drive sales and manage costs. Gift cards have emerged as a favorite gifting choice, reminding recipients of their favorite pre-COVID spots. However, not all small businesses are equipped for online gift card sales. Don't worry, it's simpler than you think.

The Benefits of Selling Gift Cards for Your Business

  1. Immediate Revenue: When a gift card is purchased, you receive funds for services or goods to be redeemed later, providing financial flexibility amidst fluctuating industry challenges.
  2. Customer Retention: As normalcy returns, customers are looking to reconnect with their beloved spots. Gift cards act as gentle reminders for them to revisit once they feel safe to do so.
  3. Brand Loyalty: Nothing matches the joy of sharing a favorite place with a friend and discovering they loved the experience too. Offering gift cards allows your brand's enthusiasts to spread their love, winning you more loyal fans.

Addressing the Challenges: Keysender at Your Service

While there are many benefits to offering gift cards, several challenges exist such as the costs of manual distribution and tracking, fraud, and managing omni-channel distribution. These are areas where Keysender can assist.

Streamlining Your Gift Card Sales with Keysender

Keysender simplifies your process by managing inventory, automating product distribution, and safeguarding against card-not-present fraud. Regardless of whether your customer purchases on Amazon, eBay, or your website, we fulfill the order, centralizing all transactions on your vendor dashboard.

Moreover, our services are scalable. As digital product distributors, we pride ourselves on allowing vendors to distribute digital products for a per-distribution transaction fee rather than a high sales percentage, enabling profitable scaling.

Whether you're selling for your business or reselling coupons and gift cards, schedule a demo with Keysender to start distributing your vouchers today.

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